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Make your home warmer, drier & healthier this winter.

  • Affordable range for any budget
  • Easy to DIY install
  • Significantly improve thermal comfort in your home
  • Cut down on heating expenses and save hundreds of dollars
EasyFix DIY Double Glazing solutions are affordable, easy to install products for your home.
Save hundreds on installation cost by using simple products to mount Acrylic panels to your existing window frames.
Acrylic is a better thermal insulator than glass, and is 8x stronger so is a preferred option for insulation in homes.

EasyGlaze, TrackGlazeMagnetGlaze and MagnetGlaze Pro, can be used on both wooden AND aluminium frames. 
ClipGlaze and SuperGlaze, are screw mounting systems and are for wooden frames only.

We can supply you with the right amount of fittings and also can cut Acrylic panels to the correct sizes, all ready for you to install. Please see the Get a Quote page for instructions on how to measure and to request a free quotation.

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Find out more about keeping your home warm on the Energywise website
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