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Make your home warmer, drier & healthier this winter.

  • Affordable range for any budget
  • Easy to DIY install
  • Significantly improve thermal comfort in your home
  • Cut down on heating expenses and save hundreds of dollars
secondary-glazing-benefits-before      secondary-glazing-benefits-after     Insulated Wall with acrylic glazed window and standard window   

Whatever type of secondary glazing you need, there is an Easyfix DIY product for you. Magnetic or sliding, screwed or stuck down, all are simple to install using household tools and our installation videos and instructions. You can choose from plastic sheet, glass or thermal film, with a choice of colours, styles and methods of use, depending on the layout of your window and your preferences.

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If you are unsure of where to begin when thinking about fitting Secondary Glazing then please have a look at our easy to follow Secondary DIY Glazing customer checklist. It will help guide you through some of the most common questions we experience in the early stages of your project and guide you towards finding a suitable solution.

PDFFor an introduction to each system, see the short video above or print the PDF. When you have made your choice, simply click on one of the image links to the right, for full details, pricing and options, and buy online. All pages include a straightforward installation video and printable instructions, suitable for the modest DIY enthusiast.


Secondary glazing can provide a number of benefits. The biggest of these is heat insulation, but noise insulation, reduction in condensation, cost-effectiveness and others, with no compromise in appearance of your windows, are some of the reasons why Easyfix DIY secondary glazing systems are so popular. Click here for more details on insulation benefits.

For a rough guide of what thickness of plastic sheet to use on your size of window, bearing in mind that certain products have a restricted range of sheet (e.g. Trackglaze) but others offer a choice (e.g. Magnetglaze and Magnetglaze Extreme), we suggest these guidelines:

  • 2mm Sheet - Small windows - up to 1m sq
  • 3mm Sheet - Medium - 1m to 1.5m sq
  • 4mm Sheet - Large (1.5m - 2m sq) and Extra Large (2m sq+)
  • 5 or 6mm Sheet - use only with Magnetglaze Extreme products and Clipglaze
EasyFix DIY Double Glazing solutions are affordable, easy to install products for your home.
Save hundreds on installation cost by using simple products to mount Acrylic panels to your existing window frames.
Acrylic is a better thermal insulator than glass, and is 8x stronger so is a preferred option for insulation in homes.

EasyGlaze, TrackGlazeMagnetGlaze and MagnetGlaze Pro, can be used on both wooden AND aluminium frames. 
ClipGlaze and SuperGlaze, are screw mounting systems and are for wooden frames only.

We can supply you with the right amount of fittings and also can cut Acrylic panels to the correct sizes, all ready for you to install. Please see the Get a Quote page for instructions on how to measure and to request a free quotation.

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Find out more about keeping your home warm on the Energywise website
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