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Award Plastics are stockists and distributors of MagnetGlaze Pro, a deluxe magnetic window system which features a rigid PVC capping that can be easily mitred (using the mitre bead included) to provide a complete frame around the glazing panel that is professional and smart in appearance.

Along with all other Easyfix Secondary Glazing Systems, MagnetGlaze Pro insulates against heat loss, draughts and noise intrusion, and is simple to use and install with a few common tools.

We recommend using 3mm Acrylic sheet with MagnetGlaze Pro or use the Extreme version for thicker sheet for larger windows and doors.
We offer a full cut to size service to provide you with all your acrylic panels.
For Double Glazing we only use high quality acrylic sheet with a 30 year guarantee.

MagnetGlaze Pro is available either in 2440mm lengths. White or Brown coloured.

Because MagnetGlaze Pro uses self-adhesive tape, the window area should be cleaned and degreased in advance of installation. Surface Preparation Wipes contain 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and are suitable for this.

For large windows, such as 1200mm x 1200mm or bigger, you can place a couple of screws immediately below the glazing panel to add support and prevent the chance of it slipping or detaching. 

Always fit MagnetGlaze Pro panels to the internal window frame
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Price Excl. GST

DGMG80 MagnetGlaze Pro White 1x 2440mm Length $33.00
DGMG85 MagnetGlaze Pro Brown 1x 2440mm Length $33.00
DG-ISO Surface Preparation Wipe - 10 Pack $5.00
DGSGMB01 Mitre Block Black 1x Block $12.00
DGMGP-CORNER-KIT WHITE Corner Cover Kit for Magnetglaze Pro  White  4 self-adhesive corner covers $8.00
DGMGP-CORNER-KIT BROWN Corner Cover Kit for Magnetglaze Pro  Brown 4 Self-adhesive corner covers $8.00
DGMGPX80 MagnetGlaze Pro Extreme White 1x2440mm Length $50.60
DGMGPX85 MagnetGlaze Pro Extreme Brown 1x2440mm Length $50.60
DGMGPE-CORNER-KIT-B MagnetGlaze Pro Extreme Corner Cover Kit Brown 4 Self-adhesive corner covers $9.50
DGMGPE-CORNER-KIT-W MagnetGlaze Pro Extreme Corner Cover Kit White 4 Self-adhesive corner covers $9.50


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