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Make your home warmer, drier & healthier this winter.

  • Affordable range for any budget
  • Easy to DIY install
  • Significantly improve thermal comfort in your home
  • Cut down on heating expenses and save hundreds of dollars
  • Choose your fixing system

  • Measure your window frames

  • Submit your measurements

    • Send your measurement sheet back to us at easyfix@awardplastics.co.nz
    • If you don't have scanner or camera phone you can type out a list of measurements in an email.
      (Please keep the same format as the measurement sheet)
    • Please remember to fill in your name, phone, email and address.
  • You're done!

    • We will work out your required acrylic panel sizes and email you a quote detailing everything you need to start making your home a warmer, drier and healthier place to live.
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