UV Glue Technology

DeskGlue Technology : Why is it innovative?

DeskGlue Technology© is innovative because for the first time gluing Methacrylate is dealt with a technology that allows you to have productive results that are easily accomplished and
perfectly replicable.

Traditional glues have never allowed for applicable technology, they are based only on the glue’s characteristics and therefore, on the manual expertise of the operator.
They do not allow for serial production.

What are the practical advantages of DeskGlue Technology?

Acquiring DeskGlue Technology means having many advantages in comparison to the traditional system

1) Glue drying time with DeskGlue Technology goes from 1 -15 minutes.
Drying time for traditional glues range from 30 minutes to 12 hours.

2) DeskGlue Technology requires the exclusive use of 20 glues dedicated to every gluing situation, providing a flexible glue that is always the optimum choice for the specific operation.
The range of traditional glues is restricted and poorly suited to the processing needs.

3) DeskGlue Technology allows for a productive return close to 100% without any waste thanks to the glues’s flexibility, the gluing easiness, and the perfect control obtained on the catalysis process
that cancel the majority of the conditioning variables.
Traditional glue requires a very high expertise and concentration in the processing, a requirement that often translates in a waste percentage close to 20%, further increasing costs.

4) DeskGlue Technology is based on gluing techniques (protocols) specially created, developed and subject to copyright. A practical and detailed schedule is dedicated to every kind of gluing, instructing the operator quickly on how to approach the gluing process.
Traditional glue does not offer any help to operators regarding the specific gluing techniques: the research of the most suitable solution becomes much more complicated.

5) All glues from DeskGlue Technology are ready to use, leaving the operator free to proceed quickly
in the gluing process without having to chemically prepare the product.
Traditional glues of a certain quality are always bi-component, this means that before use, the operator must prepare them with care and loss of time.
Adding catalyst, they have a useful duration of 40 minutes versus the 2 years of glues DeskGlue Technology.

6) DeskGlue Technology is not only a new series of glue, but much more! It is a system that includes tools and equipment for a perfect and competitive gluing, an exclusive training for new gluing techniques, a consulting and assistance program that helps operators with any doubt or new gluing needs, a lab fully equipped for analysis on gluing and crash tests (EN-ISO 7500-1), a strategic and
commercial visibility path through Internet.
No company handling the sales or productions of traditional glues offers such a structured and business orientated service to customers.

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