Filmglaze DIY Double Glazing Large 1.5 x 6m (9m2) Pack

FILMGLAZE is the simplest double glazing system in the range. It comprises a sheet of film and a roll of double- sided adhesive tape. The tape is placed around the area to be glazed, the plastic film is then carefully stuck to it and a hairdryer is used to stretch the film. Any wrinkles and creases showing will simply vanish as the heat is applied. Although the cheapest, it is still just as effective as the other systems.
Comprehensive fitting instructions are included in each pack. The actual film size is 1.5m wide and 6.0m in length.
FILMGLAZE can be used on individual windows, or over the complete window area. Handles and locks can be removed and replaced after the film has been applied. Being a simple film it allows for quick access in cases of emergency.
1. Thoroughly clean the window and the frame to remove any grease marks or
polish. Painted frames must be in good condition to give maximum effect.
2. Apply the double-sided tape to the window frame allowing it to overlap at each end. Once all four sides have been completed trim off excess tape from each corner. DO NOT remove the backing paper yet. Using a soft cloth, press firmly on tape to ensure adhesive has made proper contact with window frame.
3. Completely unfold the glazing film supplied so that you are using only a single layer of film. Offer the film up to the window and mark or cut to the required size. Remember to allow enough material to trim off once film has been secured.
4. Remove the backing paper from the double-sided tape at the top of your window frame. Holding the film by the top corners apply to the tape keeping the film as flat and taut as possible. Remove the other three pieces of backing paper from your frame. Holding the bottom corners apply the film to the adhesive tape in the same way. If large wrinkles are noticeable the film can be carefully removed and repositioned. Once in place apply pressure over the film and tape to secure edges of the FILMGLAZE system.
5. Using an ordinary hairdryer on the lowest heat setting begin heating the film at the top left corner and work towards the bottom right. If the film does not appear to be shrinking, move the hairdryer closer, between 2 - 5 cm from the film is ideal. If this still does nothing it will be necessary to change your hairdryer to a higher heat setting. The wrinkles and creases will disappear and leave a clear, economical and effective double glazed unit. To test the film is tight enough, leave for approximately 30 seconds and then flick the film with a finger, you should hear a tight drum sound.
6. Using a very sharp knife trim off all excess film from around the outside of the tape to leave a neat, unobtrusive sealed unit.
NZ $40.00 excl GST

For Aluminium Windows, For Wooden Windows, FilmGlaze


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