Trackglaze Vertical Sliding System for Sash Windows White

Trackglaze Vertical is an affordable DIY sliding insulation system aimed specifically at large sash windows. Improving both heat loss and noise protection, its functionality mirrors the design of your existing sash windows, providing a complimentary supplement to your existing period feature. 4mm Polycarbonate sheet (Glass should never be used) slides neatly within the double track frame, bristle seal fitted within both tracks and across the visible joint provide the thermal seal required for the insulation benefit. Sliding of the panels is enabled by handles on the top and bottom of both panes and the upper panel is kept aloft by Stop Strips fitted within the track edges. The Stop Strip enables the panes to be set at any height, provides easy access to the centre locking mechanism, if using alongside sash windows for either top or bottom pane ventilation.
Trackglaze Vertical is perfectly safe when used as designed, but it is worth noting that when unpropped by Stop Strips, any pane will need supporting by hand to prevent the possibility of it dropping under its own weight. This is important for large heavy panes, as shown in our How To Use video on this page. It may be prudent, for example where children have access to the windows, to select one of the other Easyfix secondary glazing systems instead.
The last consideration is that Trackglaze Vertical requires fitting within a cavity, given the need to support the movement and weight of the panes. Most sash windows do not have such a cavity, rather a decorative bead, therefore one needs to be created. This can be achieved in one of 2 ways, fitting wooden battens on the window surround, or by using Easyfix’s Window Conversion Angles. Available in White or Brown, these kits of 3mm thick 25mm Angles, can be fitted and mitre, providing a smart cavity in which Trackglaze Vertical can be fitted. Further detail on the fitting of these kits is explained within the PDF on this page.
Trackglaze Vertical Kits are available in bulk packs of 3 or singly. Each kit can insulate a window of up to 2m height and 1.2m width, and contains:
• 2 x 2m adhesive Tracks (for the sides)
• 2 x 1.2m adhesive Tracks (for top and bottom)
• 4 x 1.2m push fit Handles (for top and bottom of each pane)
• 4 x 2m push fit Stop Strips (for propping panes at suitable heights)
• 1 x 12m coil adhesive Bristle Seal (providing insulation when panes closed)
• 3 x Surface Preparation Wipes (to degrease surfaces before adhesion)
The Double Tracks are 19mm wide, with handles protruding about 6mm further, please bear this in mind when considering the depth of the cavity needed.
TG Vertical eLeaflet Apr2019

NZ $93.88 excl GST

TrackGlaze, Sash Window double glazing


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