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ACRI-BOND UV1035 is photo-curing adhesive designed for the bonding of ABS, HIPS, PS, PC, PVC and Acrylics, etc. The thin file of ACRI-BOND UV1035 is transparent and clear. ACRI-BOND UV1035 should fast-cure under the visible light. Showing perfect adhesion strength, ACRI-BOND UV1035 is an excellent Photo-curing adhesive especially for acrylics and PC. The adhesion strength of ACRI-BOND UV1035 is stronger than the original materials.


Physical Property

Item Specification Test Method
Composition Acrylic resin Be judged by the composition
Chemical Class Liquid @ 25°C Eye inspection
Appearance Yellowish Liquid Eye inspection
Viscosity, cps 20~30 25°C (S21, 100 rpm) Brookfield RVDV-I+
Specific Gravity 1.0235 @25°C, RH 60% Specific Gravity Cup
Refractive Index nD 1.4769 @25°C, RH 60% ATAGO Abbe Refractometer NAR-1T
Colour Gardner Scale 1~2 Gardner Colour Comparator
Solvent Content, % 0  
Heavy Metal Content 0 SGS Certificate

Characteristics of ACRI-BOND UV1035

  1. Toughness, shock resistance and thermal shock resistance.
  2. Excellent surface dryness and transparency after curing.
  3. Exhibits high adhesion strength
  4. Suited for bonding to many plastics.

Cure Schedule

They are solvent free materials that cure in seconds when exposed to the 365nm UV light with the accumulated energy of 1,000-2,000mJ/cm2 of hardening under condition with:

Temporary curing time sec 5 ~ 10
Recommended curing time sec 10~ 15

Storage and Shelf Life

ACRI-BOND UV1035 should be kept without any possibility of light exposure. Replace lid immediately after use. ACRI-BOND UV1035 has an eight month minimum shelf life when stored in dark place below 250C in original, unopened containers.



Some findings indicate a lack of potential for carcinogenicity with the compositions of ACRI-BOND UV1035 by long term recurrent application to the skin. However, contact with skin is likely to produce mild transient reddening. It is important to remove adhesive from skin with soap and water thoroughly. ACRI-BOND UV1035 is of moderate acute toxicity by swallowing. If swallowed, induce vomiting at once and call a physician. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, flush with water for at least 15 minutes and get medical attention immediately. For specific information on this product, consult the Material Safety Data Sheets


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