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Quixx 50g Scratch Repair Kit

Quixx Scratch Repair Kit 50g Tube

Quixx polishing paste reliably removes scratches from uncoated acrylic glass and plastic parts on motorbikes, cars, caravans and mobile homes, boats, furniture, acrylic tubs and varnished wood trim finishing etc. It is non-toxic and odourless. Acrylic scratch remover QUIXX® is soluble in water, easy to wash off and suitable for polishing machines.

The Application

Clean the surface and apply a little paste. Using a soft, clean cotton pad or cloth polish the scratched areas using heavy pressure for 2-3 minutes.

XERAPOL - Scratch Remover  XERAPOL - Scratch Remover  XERAPOL - Scratch Remover  

For deep scratches repeat application several times. Remove residue with a cloth.
Very deep scratches should be treated beforehand with special abrasive paper (granularity: 1600) and a little water. Polish afterwards with QUIXX®.
WARNING: Do not use Quixx® on any printed, varnished or coated surfaces. Do not use on Polycarbonate (PC).
The Method of Operation
The material is lightly dissolved and polished with fine abrasive particles. The edges of the scratches are rounded off and the fissure bottom is filled in. This returns the surface to its former smooth and shining glory. 


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Objects made from acrylic glass tend to scratch very easily and this often makes them look shabby. This is a particular problem in acrylic glass parts in cars, motorbikes, caravans and mobile homes, boots, aircraft and furniture. Wood trim finishing in cars also gets scratched very quickly. QUIXX® offers an astonishingly simple solution for this widespread problem. This new special polish paste allows users to quickly and cheaply remove scratches themselves. The acrylic glass shines again as bright as new.
Do polish agents keep their promises? The Camping, Cars & Caravan (CC&C) magazine from Germany - Stuttgart did compare twelve products:
Scratch remover in comparison
Each year the same problem: After the vacation caravan windows are even more scratched. Shrubs and trees leave ugly scratches. Particularly the deep scratches give an ugly impression. That's what polishing agent are for? CC&C found that all promise - although in different ways - to remove small, medium and some even deeper scratches as well as blind places on caravan windows. Do they keep their own promises?...
.... whereas Quixx® of EVI convinces immediately on small and medium scratches. Long before the time limit they have disappeared without trace. For deep scratches EVI offers a set, which consist of sandpaper and polishing cloth in addition to polish.

Xerapol has many uses across broad range of market segments:

XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover  XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover XERAPOL - Scratch Remover
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