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Acrylic pmma (polymethylmeth-acylate) is a rigid plastic, generally known by its common trade names of Perspex and Plexiglas. Acrylic is a highly versatile & widely used product and comes in range of Sheet, High Impact Sheet, Rod and tube. Extensively used for signs & displays, building and glazing, it is amongst the most scratch resistance of all thermoplastics and its transparency, gloss & dimensional shape are virtually unaffected by exposure to the elements.

Impact Acrylic sheet is extruded in compliance with international standards, and is suitable for both internal and external use. Impact Acrylic sheet offers good impact and excellent weather resistance.

Y12 is an economical diffuser for standard lighting applications. Y12 is the original prismatic pattern lighting panel whose overall efficiencies and lamp concealment qualities have become the benchmarks against which other prismatic patterns are judged. With a 5mm diagonal female prism pattern, Y12 provides maximum efficiency and good brightness control in the direct glare zone.

Refractor is a new Acrylic material for lighting diffusers, it is pearl in appearance and is suitable for use in modern and high finish architectural commercial buildings. Y5 features high light transmittance, excellent photometric performance, it's embossed pattern offers a sleek and modern appearance, excellent tube obscuration (reduces tube definition), an ideal diffuser for high performance T5 luminaires but also excellent for T8 tubes, offers even luminance over the entire diffuser.

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Acrylic / Plexiglas / Perspex


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