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ACRI-BOND 110 is a clear, thickened, acrylic cement suitable for use with most of commonly used plastic materials in various combinations. Depite being a general purpose cement it provides specially good results with cast acrylic, PVC, ASA, and ABS. It leaves a clear finish on all materials and provides very strong bonding. It is fast drying and initial bond is firm within a short time. After drying it leaves approximately 30% solid residue.




Parts to be joined should fit without forcing and be clean. Apply adhesive with suitable applicator and assemble while parts are still wet. Press parts together in firm contact. ACRI-BOND 110 forms initial bond very quickly. Strength develops rapidly reaching full strength in 24 to 48 hours leaving about 30% dry residue. This acrylic cement has a limited gap filling ability.

Recommended use

This adhesive has been design for bonding Acrylic to Acrylic. Also, shows good results bonding Acrylic to Polycarbonate, HIPS, ABS, PVC and those materials to itself. Test before use for other combinations.

Selection Chart



Mixing charts

  • ACRI-BOND 110 mixed with ACRI-BOND 105

    Used for thinning and smooth flow by reducing viscosity. Mixture improves plastic softening with stronger chemicals in AB105 present. When dry it will leave 7%, 15% or 20% clear acrylic resin.

  • ACRI-BOND 110 mixed with ACRI-BOND 125

    Mixing in 50-50 ratio will get you similar performance to Weldon 16. This mixture can be than thinned with AB 105. When dry it will leave about 20-30% clear acrylic resin.

  • ACRI-BOND 110 mixed with ACRI-BOND 120

    After some time in storage this product may become thicker and you can then add AB120 to thin it and make it flow again.



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